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SONOFF MINIR2 – Two Way Wi-Fi Wireless Smart DIY Switch Turn traditional switch to Smart WiFi Switch With Timer Internet Work With AMAZON Alexa,google Home ,Nest

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  • Control your home appliances with the app.
  • Ask devices to turn on/off just by a voice command.
  • Set a time for devices to make it start or stop running automatically.
  • Allow developers to flash the firmware to access more features they want.
  • Support the rocker light switch to control devices (self-return switch not included).
  • Create smart scenes to trigger groups of SONOFF devices on/off via tapping on your phone.
  • Make an action to trigger another or receive a message alert to your phone.
  • Share the device with your family to control it together.
  • Check the device status change on your phone in real time.
  • Run the device on your phone albeit no normal Wi-Fi connection.
  • Keep the device in the status before power failure when the electricity system is restored.

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199 in stock (can be backordered)

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Advanced Safety, Professional Certification

Pass the 2KV surge testing and also ceritified by ANATEL which ensures MINIR2 more secure in use.Safety, Improved Further

The external antenna of MINIR2 is moved to the interior, improving the use performance and safety.Installation Guide

It is recommanded that the frontside of MINIR2 is installed outside during insatllation and do not install it in the metal junction box.Considerate Design for Your Safety

The S1 and S2 interface is highlighted on the different color to give you a clear tip that they can not connect the strong current for security reasons.

Work with An External Switch

Support to connect dry contact sensors and various types of external switches, such as SPDT switches and NC/NO push button switches.Small and Compact

Only takes up very little space when installed into various types of switch boxes, even the EU standard switch boxGet Your House Lighted via Your Phone

Enable the eWeLink app to control appliances in your home, anywhere and anytimeRun Devices without Lifting A Finger

Connected with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on/off devices in a completely hands-free wayMore Options in External Switches

Falling edge triggers the relay to reverse in level jumping. Ideal for the push button switch which is triggered once after being pressed and automatically bounced backControl SONOFF with New Ways

SONOFF switches can be controlled by the updated eWeLink web version and IFTTT serviceCustomize Smart Scenes

Let one SONOFF device to trigger another one, or trigger a multitude of devices simultaneously via tapping “Tap to run” on your phoneOn/Off Time, It’s Up to You

Arrange the start and stop schedule for devices to have them automatically switch on/off, reducing needless power consumption

On or Off? View from Your Phone

Can know your device is on or off through the eWeLink app even if you’re not at home



SONOFF MINIR2 Two Way Switch Mini Wifi Smart Home Swcith Wireless Remote Control Switch Works with eWelink Alexa Google Home

MINIR2, as a reinforced MINI two-way DIY smart switch, has been redesigned to lift the safety and performance to the optimal level. The old version MINI has an external antenna with strong electricity, but the MINIR2’s antenna is hidden totally into the interior that ensures you peace of mind to use it to control your devices. Additionally, the interface S1 and S2 are colored to gray which is distinguished from other input and output interfaces in order to further remind you not to connect the strong current to both of the interfaces. 2KV surge testing meets the 1KV surge testing standard that CE certification requires, and it passed the ANATEL certification, so MINIR2 give you enough safety to bring you a safe use experience. The small and compact smart switch is used for different kinds of switch boxes, even the smallest EU standard switch box. Convenient to automate your home appliances on eWeLink app with your smartphone or your voice command. Support 3 triggering modes that pulse mode (works with push button switches), edge mode (Works with SPDT switches) and following mode (Works with switches with “ON” and “OFF” mark and sensors with dry contact output). It supports the DIY mode (designed for developers) which allows users to integrate MINIR2 into worldwide third-party open source smart home control system to achieve LAN control without cloud service, such as Home Assistant, openHAB, ioBroker .etc. For the protocol document and the code for the DIY Mode tool (updating), please go to http://developers.sonoff.tech/sonoff-diy-mode-api-protocol.html



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Specification of SONOFF MINIR2:

Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 10A Max;
Output: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 10A Max;
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ;
Material: PC V0;
Dimension: 42.6X42.6X20mm;



Warranty Condition

Does this product checked before shipping them to me?

Yes., of course.We have a professional Quality Control team. They will check carefully for each item we received from factory to avoid sending defective goods to our customers.

If a item is found defective in our Technical QC  team , it will be returned to the factory. Please don’t worry about receiving a defective item because we are committed to being a trustworthy

Products Guaranteed

Factories that supply Sonoff are strictly evaluated by us, and we provide you an even better reassurance of consistent  high quality thanks to our Sonoff Technical QC team. We double-check the contents of all orders carefully before dispatch to our customers a. Sonoff will maintain all product serial number and products ID for stop delicacy.

Lead time

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Delivery time 3-8 business days normally in India.

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  1. ZB****DG

    excellent product. you will need a neutral cable from the light you want to control.


  2. ae****aa

    They arrived on time and in good condition


  3. mo****ik

    I’m very satisfied with the product and delivery


  4. ya****na

    To make a test of correct connection, I recommend you to use a phase finder, I sketched a connection with a plug and a lamp holder to test the product, it worked correctly. At first I had problems with fast pairing, but then I turned off the 5Ghz network from the Router settings and immediately it paired. Thank you!


  5. js**kh

    Perfect. They work fine


  6. la****ma

    wonderful switches…can connect to a load less than 10 amps and also it can be controlled by a external physical switch. if u want to use a heay or inductive load just add a relay or contactor as a switch in middle since the surge current is more 🙂


  7. fa****uk

    Original product. Excellent!


  8. Ha****xe

    Mini Smart, great product, already in use works great, have made me the home smart


  9. om****ar



  10. V****H

    very nice and tiny product has two way which is much beneficial and looks awesome,


  11. Kh****an

    I like SONOFF products. Works cool. Small and very practical. Managing the switch is a great option.


  12. ba****me

    It’s not the first mini I ordered, it fits in a small space, it’s quick and accurate.


  13. wa****gh

    Installation is simple enough even for someone with very little experience in electricity and the app connection went instant.


  14. ha****ne

    sonoff mini diy model everything as expected


  15. Ma****sh

    Great product, useful for diy projects


  16. kr**sh

    Hogh recommended ! Working perfect and very good quality! And very fast delivering


  17. Ay****ha

    great product and seller fast to recommend.


  18. hu****ne

    Took a bit of time to get it to connect to my BT Smart Hub but once I got it connected everything works. linked to Google Home with no problems. Now to install it on my landing light


  19. jo**ph

    Very nice product really small can be used to command the power to an extension or a blind. Plus for external antena


  20. S***F

    Arrived fast .Originally packed, tested in all modes and it is working supereb. Excellent seller, will buy more SONOFF products again. A +++++ 🤝


  21. A****N

    Very clever design, it can be controlled by WiFi, local push button or remote switch(s).


  22. K****N

    The product is good and very cheap


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